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Tandem Diabetes Care

Tandem AutoSoft™ 90 Infusion Set t:lock (1 box)

Tandem AutoSoft™ 90 Infusion Set t:lock (1 box)

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The AutoSoft™ 90 infusion set is an all-in-one straight-set infusion system. The flexible 90-degree soft cannula comes pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter, so one-handed insertions are quick and easy. It features:

  • 90° insertion angle
  • Soft Teflon cannula (6 or 9 mm length)
  • Automatic insertion
  • Reversible connector for quick reconnection
  • Transparent window at insertion point
  • Built-in needle cover

This infusion set is only compatible with the t:slim X2™ insulin pump and has various cannula and tubing lengths, please ensure you select the correct option when purchasing. Each box contains 10 infusion sets.

If you are unsure which infusion set is suitable for you, please contact your healthcare professional. 

If you are registered with the NDSS you may be eligible for subsidised insulin pump consumables. Please visit or contact your local NDSS access point/pharmacy for more information.

This product is available fully-funded for eligible DVA clients. For more information, please speak to your healthcare team. 

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