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Tandem Diabetes Care

t:Holster Rotating Belt Clip (Black)

t:Holster Rotating Belt Clip (Black)

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This t:Holster is a plastic case with a 360-degree rotating clip for your t:slim X2™ insulin pump.

The clip provides flexibility to wear the case vertically or horizontally while its alligator-style clip provides for secure fastening to your clothing - such as on your belt! 

Designed like a phone case, the t:Holster allows you to perform all the day-to-day functions like viewing your screen, accessing the Wake button, changing a cartridge, and charging your pump all without taking it out of the case! 

The t:Holster is compatible with the t:slim X2 insulin pump.

This product is available fully-funded for eligible DVA clients. For more information, please speak to your healthcare team. 

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